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I’ve just returned from the A Rocha, Partners in Action retreat held at the St Madoc’s Centre set on the beautiful Gower coast. Our Cornerstone Project is a potential future Partner in Action so it was great to get more of an insight into the work of current and potential partners. There is so much great work going on to sustain and retain some of our common but increasingly endangered species. There is work on land management and some of our well known Christian Conference Centers are playing their part in thinking about the ecology of the estates they manage. I was encouraged to hear that Ashburnham, which SEBA visits every year, is keen to become a Partner in Action site.

One of the themes of the conference was hope and we were reminded that there are 50,000 churches in this country. If each one was to catch the move of the spirit in caring for God’s earth, what a powerful voice we would be. As we help our churches catch this vision, the communities in which we live would have a far more rounded view of the Good News that is Jesus, and what it means for every aspect of our lives to be lived in harmony with Him. Many years ago, a friend in ministry told me we need a new Pentecostal language to reach the next generation. Perhaps we have it, a language not so much of words but in which the wholeness of the Gospel is revealed to the next generation.


Yes, there is brokenness all around us, in our lives and as a result of how we live our lives. This box of rubbish was gathered in just 20 minutes on the beautiful Gower beach. But it was also used as the focus for our communion service, Christ broken for us, Christ making new life possible for us. From the rubbish of our lives, Hope is born. If you are discovering God is at work, speaking to you about how we actively demonstrate our care for God’s earth in a Hope filled way, I would love to hear from you, just drop me an email or post something in response to this blog. Perhaps we could form a local network.



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